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Whether it is improving the productivity and efficiency of your business or making operations cost effective, embedded systems & IoT’s have significantly made a huge impact in today’s world of connected devices. Your business too needs to tap into the potential of embedded systems and IoT. 

Partner with Innoflexion’s Embedded & IoT solutions to Design, Engineer, and Build IoT products.


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Why Embedded & IoT?

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Enhance Customer Experience with IoT

Enterprises today are adopting Embedded & IoT technologies faster to ensure excellent customer experience and to remain ahead of their competition. Your business needs an Embedded & IoT solutions provider that can ensure both quality and cost-effectiveness.

OEMs Realize Fast Introduction of New Products

While more computing power and connectivity help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) bring new features to devices, it is challenging to quickly create, launch and maintain differentiated solutions. Innoflexion helps OEMs realize fast introduction of new products and services with improved customer experience.

Improve productivity and efficiency with embedded systems & IoT’s

We Design, Engineer, and Build your IoT Products.

Our Offerings

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Firmware Solutions

While firmware is typically used as low-level software, it has increasingly become complex as the components and devices it controls become more intelligent. Our firmware solutions are aimed at achieving the functionalities and real-time capabilities your products and systems need.

The engineers at Innoflexion bring the expertise you need to develop embedded solutions for devices that connect to an IoT ecosystem. We also enable you to create embedded solutions for connecting with remotely controlled devices as well as gathering and processing sensor data.

With Innoflexion’s firmware solutions, you can build:

  • Firmware for Sensors
  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development
  • Custom Drivers
  • Hardware Design
  • Power Management Bus Design
  • I²C Communication

HMI/UI Solutions

Good Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and a seamless User Interface (UI) are at the heart of creating quality products. Innoflexion understands the importance of HMI/UI in a business and helps you control and manage the increasingly complex processes of your machines and systems. Reduce your time to market by streamlining the design process with Innoflexion’s solutions while reducing the costs and risks involved.

Our HMI/UI solutions include:

  • Touch and Gesture Controlled HMI Design & Development
  • Plug-in Development & Integration
  • Custom HMI systems based on UX/UI designs from OEMs
  • HMI Application Development
  • End-user Friendly UI Controls, Custom Controls & Activex Controls Design & Development
  • Operator and Process Centric UI/UX Design
  • UI creation & UI Logic

IoT solutions

IoT is the need of the hour. Innoflexion helps businesses draw actionable insights from IoT data and implement robust IoT solutions within their organizations. We offer IoT development & analytics as a service providing you the best expertise & experience in IoT.

The IoT solutions at Innoflexion include:

  • App Architecture & Development
  • Custom Web & Mobile Application Development
  • Leveraging Sensors on Customers’ Smartphones 
  • API Design and Provisioning
  • IoT Analytics Solution Implementation
  • Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Visualization

Connectivity Solutions

Businesses run on devices that connect with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IoT WANs, LPWAN & Cellular Solutions for secure, low-power, and stable operation. Innoflexion offers the expertise you require in the design and development of connectivity solutions that enable secure data exchange over a reliable connection under different ecosystems.

With the connectivity solutions at Innoflexion, you get:

  • Bluetooth And BLE App Development
  • Personal Devices With WI-FI, WANs, LPWAN
  • Smart Homes Solutions
  • Industrial Connectivity Solutions
  • Smart Cities Solutions

Proximity Solutions

Innoflexion helps you create systems that can connect devices and apps driven by RFID, NFC, Beacon, infrared, and laser technologies. Our team of experts helps you harness micro-location and contextual data to optimize your business operations, stock management, customer service, in-store marketing, and staff management. The solutions at Innoflexion are designed not just to meet the demands of today but with the foresight to tackle the challenges that the future of technology will bring forward.

The proximity solutions by Innoflexion include:

  • Analytics & Insights for Personalization, Retail Analytics & Shopping Behavior
  • App Development to Leverage iBeacon, Beacon, and Other Sensing Technologies
  • Web Systems for Orchestration Solution

Testing Solutions

Innoflexion does not help you create- it also helps you improve your solutions. With our end-to-end IoT testing services, you can have comprehensive quality management and test strategy for your IoT solutions. From test management, test planning, test scenario identification, test environment management to execution of test cases, experience a smooth and seamless testing service. Whether you’re looking for manual testing or an automated solution, Innoflexion is here to help.

Our testing services include:

  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Data Integrity Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Algorithmic Test
  • Data Creation and Curation
  • Smart Interaction Testing
  • Core AI Testing

How We Work

We give each stage of the development lifecycle the consideration it deserves to ensure smart planning, estimation and risk mitigation. Make excellent progress with our full range of embedded systems development services. Comprehensive QA during implementation, tight integrations and testing of entire embedded systems, and 24/7 maintenance and support add up to exceptional value. 


We collect and process your requirements. A thorough research and analysis follows for effective project understanding and management. 


We assist you in choosing an operating system, third-party libraries and frameworks, and determine and partition hardware and software components. After you’ve given the blueprint a go-ahead, it is transferred to our embedded development team.


We implement third-party software package porting or middleware and protocol stacks, set up the software development tool, design firmware and software, review architecture, and continuously integrate, deploy, configure and manage the embedded system. 


Our embedded system development encompasses:

  • Hardware, and device driver development, as well as board bring-up
  • Developing secure bootloaders for the custom hardware
  • Board support packages (BSPs) development, including RTOS, Linux and other operating system porting 


We perform thorough product and system testing, comprehensive QA and debugging procedures followed by final delivery. 


We bring the embedded system components together and test entire systems to confirm their performance and compliance with all project specifications.

Maintenance & Support

Fix bugs quickly with our 24/7 monitoring and performance management. We can also add any new functionality upon your request. 

Painless, scalable solutions at the most affordable costs

Innoflexion has helped several companies develop IoT solutions that are easy to scale, with minimum effort and painless maintenance. 

Our Technology Expertise

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Our Clientele

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Embedded IoT Case Studies

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